1WWS9 AMPLIFY 33-2 (Fortified x Amped Up)

This boar hits you with a tremendous “look.” He was easily the best designed, most functional York boar at the SW Conference in our opinion. His dam was a Ricker gilt that was Champ York and Res. Grand at the ’17 Summer Type Conference. Her first litter produced the Champ York Barrow & 3rd Overall Barrow at 2’18 NJSA Summer Spectacular. He will be seeing heavy use here. REG#63427002 $200/dose

CFBD7 Old Crow 8-4 (Old Man (JGRRIMMLIN) X Up The Limit)

Bred by Crone Farms, Indiana. This was Brady Crone’s popular class winning boar at Belton’ 18. He was eye catching, athletic and great in his design. He goes back to the popular Grimm boar, rimmlin and an Up The Limit sow. His pigs are exciting. REG#612731004 $150/dose

CDO BRUTUS 59-1 (Bruno x NPD Torpedo Tried & True)

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Boar at the 2017 Fall Classic at Duncan. Bred by Torpedo Farms, Colorado. He was easily the best balanced, best structured, powerfully constructed boar of the show. REG#610975001 $125/dose

JOURNEY’S END 27-4 (LFC The Journey x ARK True Grit)

Bred by Miller Family, Cabery, IL. He was easily our pick of the York boars at the 2015 SW Conference at Belton. He is an impressive boar with impressive figures to match (.62BF, 10.3 LEA at 335 lbs.). Massive top, hip and rear end with excellent feet and legs. Huge boned and big bodied. Sired the Champ York Gilt at Fort Worth ’17. He has been our “go to” boar for years. Journey’s End is in the pedigree of over 2/3 of our York sows. REG#566307004 $125/dose

CD06 SURGE 3-1 (Surge X The Journey)

Surge was easily our favorite at the 2016 STC. He combined excellent width, rib shape and is super functional, along with an excellent proven genetic package. He is seeing heavy use in our breeding program. Bred by Chuck and Ben Olsen. REG. #586020001. $150/dose