1JPG5 UNTOUCHABLE 1-4 (Untouchable x Ricochet)

We selected this popular Thomas Crome boar at the STC in Louisville. Here’s finally the one that got the power, squareness and ultra-cool look, with athleticism on a strong set of pasterns. With this kind of build and the dominant genetics backing him, he will undeniably take barrows and seedstock to the next level! REG#57420004 $125/dose

JOURNEY’S END 27-4 (LFC The Journey x ARK True Grit)

Bred by Miller Family, Cabery, IL. He was easily our pick of the York boars at the 2015 SW Conference at Belton. He is an impressive boar with impressive figures to match (.62BF, 10.3 LEA at 335 lbs.). Massive top, hip and rear end with excellent feet and legs. Huge boned and big bodied. REG#566307004 $125/dose

WJH5 BONE BUZZ 93-2 (Bone Buzz X Summer Shandy)

We were looking for a breed changer with a new look at the 2016 STC and settled on Wayne Huinker’s Bone Buzz boar. He is tall fronted, heavy structured, with an excellent look. His first pigs are very impressive. REG#583471002. $100/dose

CD06 SURGE 3-1 (Surge X The Journey)

Surge was easily our favorite at the 2016 STC. He combined excellent width, rib shape and is super functional, along with an excellent proven genetic package. He is seeing heavy use in our breeding program. Bred by Chuck and Ben Olsen. REG. #586020001. $150/dose

CRE6 JOURNEYMAN 23-7 (Journey’s End x Starbuck)

This was our entry to the National Barrow Show but schedule conflicts prevented us from going. A favorite of farm visitors from the beginning. This guy has always stood out for his incredible look and structural build. As he matured and hit 220 lbs., he then really started to mass up in terms of feature with excellent shape. He was too good to let go, so we retained him and put him in our boar stud. He is a full sib to the Champion York Gilt at Fort Worth, 2017. REG. #589635007. $125/dose

CRE4 ROOSTER 27-9 (The Duke [True Grit] x Prestige [Mighty One])

Rooster is out of our best Prestige sow.  He was special from little on.  Extremely sound, big boned, wide based with that killer look.  He grew up on our lactation ration with muscle to spare.  REG#559903009 $100/dose