CPG2 COUNTRY BONE 1-3 (WICI1 Step Ahead x TRV9 Trade Up)

No question, Country Bone was one of the most talked about boars of all boars at the 23 SW Conference. We are always looking but had no plans to add another York boar to our stud, but when Country Bone came in the ring, that changed. He has it all…Big footed, bold ribbed, great back and athletic. Owned with Baade, Schwarz and Fey. Reg. #660174003 Stress Negative $200/dose

HGKH1 TNT 55-3 (CDO Dynamite x Crazy Legs)

This year we have been working hard to put together an elite set of York boars and were pleased with our program, but when we saw TNT at the Fall Classic ’21, we knew he could be the missing piece and he has worked out well for us. He has a tremendous look with a level bold top and is as athletic as they come. We are using him heavy. Reg. #650861003. Stress Negative $200/dose

HRSO BIG TIME 1-2 (Big Step x Times Up)

Off farm purchase from Rodibaugh, IN. Outstanding proven pedigree. We were wanting to add more bone and structure to our York program and found it in Big Time. He is bold ribbed, big footed, functional and athletic with a great look. He has seen heavy use here. Reg. #641641002 Stress Negative $200/dose

CRE1 RANCH HAND 27-8 (MIE 2nd Hand x Brutus)

This was our ’21 Fall Classic entry but felt it would be hard to replace a York boar with his quality. We loved his sire, 2nd Hand, at Belton so we ordered semen on him. We bred 7 sows to him and got 8 top replacement gilts. That is the consistency that we have been looking for. Reg. #649152008 Stress Negative $150/dose

CDO0 ROMEO 74-2 (Heart Throb x Pathfinder)

On-farm purchase from Chuck & Ben Olsen, SD. Outstanding pedigree. Heart Throb-bred by Watson, owned w/Thompson and sired Res Gilt at 2019 MI. Pathfinder-bred by Grimm, owned by Shipley. Top selling York Boar at ’16 STC ($70,000). Sired Res Grand York Gilt at Ohio & MI. Ideal in his skeleton, tall shouldered, super long fronted, tremendous bone, excellent rib shape and a great look. REG#645344002 Stress Negative $150/dose

PBJD0 TRADER DAN 5-3 (Trade Up x Wanted Man)

Bred by Dan Burzloff and John Diercks. This was Dan’s entry in the NSR Draft Sale, sired by the high selling boar from the year before, Trade Up. When we saw the video of him, we felt we really needed to add him to our boar stud. He is the biggest footed, stoutest boned York boar we have. REG#647325003 Stress Negative $150/dose