EC THUNDER 5-1 (Thunderman X Carry Out)

Bred by Earl Cain & Family. We brought this powerfu boar home from Belton. He is everything we wanted in a purebred Hampshire boar. He is wide-based, heavy constructed, with a bold rib and excellent muscle. We look for him to make a big change in our Hampshire program. REG. #498239001$150/dose

EC THUNDER 90-3 (EC Thunderbolt x FSF Clydesdale)

We went to Duncan looking for a wide, heavy-structured, powerfully constructed Hampshire boar to use our purebred sows. Earl Cain’s boar easily was our pick with an impressive 11.5 loin, huge feet, and tremendous chest. To top this off, he is extremely athletic in his movement. We are looking for great things from this guy. REG. #497648003 $150/dose

CRE Time Traveler 1-6 (Time Traveler X Blackbone)

This was our Belton entry. He has an extraordinary look from the side and is powerfully built, with a big top and huge feet. It is hard to make one this good in his structure and build. His grandmother is our Anna Jane 4-11 sow (Gaining Speed) that just weaned her 17th litter. REG. #497978006 $125/dose

RMI5 MUDSLIDE 4-5 (Mudslide x McRib)

2015 Hog College Boar at National Barrow Show, bred by Ron Iverson, Iowa. He was selected as the “Homerun Derby” Champion over all 8 breeds. He blends a great design and correct skeleton with extra mass and stoutness of feature. He’s the kind that excites both purebred and crossbred breeders.  He has taken our Hamps to another level. He sired the Res. Hamp Gilt at Guadalupe County 2017. REG. #488755005 $100/dose