DHS2 GOOSE 29-3 (NBS9 Topgun x LSOV9 Chatter)

We added Gose to our boar stud at the 23 SW Conf. because of his unique skeleton, structure and look. We were looking for that special Hamp boar to use on our Mastermind daughters and found him in Goose. Bred by Harvey, he has a big hip and hind leg, and is still tall and clean fronted. He had been ranting, but still has a big groove down his top. Reg. #513720003 Stress Negative $150/dose

GMW9 MASTERMIND 1-4 (Master Plan x Prime Time)

Bred by Watson, IN and owned w/Watson and McLemore. Tremendous genetic package including two shots of JGR Lethal. 100% Breed Purity test! The power boar at the ’20 SWTC.  Outstanding skeleton with excellent feet and legs and plenty of muscle. Easily the most popular boar in our boar stud. Premier Sire at SWTC ’21-Sired 3 class winners, (Res Champ Boar and Res Champ Gilt). Also sired Res Champ Hamp Gilt at TPPA Elite Show ’21. REG. #504319004 Stress Negative $200/dose