GMW9 MASTERMIND 1-4 (Master Plan x Prime Time)

Tremendous genetic package including two shots of JGR Lethal. 100% Breed Purity test! The power boar at the 2020 Southwest Conference in Belton.  Outstanding skeleton with excellent feet and legs along with plenty of muscle. He has us very excited and has generated lots of interest. We will be using him on both pure and crossbred sows. REG. #504319004$200/dose

DCMO BLACK CAT 27-3 (Black Panther x Perfect Score

Bred by David Martin. Black Cat won the youngest class of Hamp boars at 2021 SWTC at Belton but still had a real presence in the Champion Drive. He has a tremendous look with a functional design. He is balanced and powerful. We are looking forward to using him on our Master Mind daughters. Reg. #507354003 (Stress Negative)$150/dose


Bred by Devin Goehring, Wisconsin. We felt he was the breed changer at the Fall Classic we were looking for in our Hamp program. He is powerful and stout-made from the ground up with a massive chest and rib. Even with all this width and muscle, he is very athletic. Registration #500913005$150/dose