CDO2 MAIN EVENT 33-1 (ESSP0 Main Character x CDO6 He’s Hit)

Main Event hit us at Duncan as the boar that could quickly change and improve our Durocs. He has a great look and is athletic and great structured with tons of bone and has a lot of back in him. Chuck and Ben Olsen bred him and had the confidence to use him before they brought him to Duncan. His first pigs are outstanding. Reg. #430218001 (Stress Negative) $200/dose

CRE2 SPARTAN 2-6 (ESSP1 Drop Kick x JRS9 GRUS Spartacus)

Spartan is the result of the mating of the outstanding Duroc gilt we got from Rodibaugh at Duncan and the powerful Drop Kick boar from Egger. We were taking him to Belton and decided to keep and use him. Super good through his front end and agile in his movement and still has plenty of muscle and power. Reg. #432873006 (Stress Negative) $200/dose

RARD2 RAY BAN 38-3 (JRSP1 Oakley x RARD0 Time Out)

Powerfully constructed boar from RAR, Iowa, at the 22 Fall Classic. He has a great look and is big boned with a tremendous top. He’s bold ribbed, stout boned and massive in his look. He is getting better with age. Reg. #430254003 (Stress Negative) $150/dose

JJRGO RIP 32-6 (Grenade (Bomb Squad) x First Class)

Bred by Jacob Gossett, IN. Rip won the oldest class of boars at the Fall Classic, ’20. We were not looking for a Duroc boar, but could not pass this one up. He is super athletic, big boned with a tremendous profile. He has that elite look with a great top. We are using him heavy, and he’s sired many champions. Reg. #414913006 (Stress Negative) $150/dose

SSP1 DROP KICK 83-3 (Drop A Hint x BEYE Master Plan)

The power boar at the ’21 Fall Classic in Duncan. Bred by Eggers, Iowa. He is big footed, stout and incredible in his skeleton. We have used him heavy and have gotten a great set of pigs out of him, incluDing our herdsire addition Spartan. Reg. #421794003 (Stress Negative) $200/dose