EBO Rough Rider 3-3 (Necessary Roughness x Stop the Burn)

Another popular boar from 2021 SWTC. Bred by Engnell Brothers, IL. One of the best designed, nicest profiling Duroc boars at Belton. He is tall and clean fronted with a huge top. He has us excited about the next generation of Durocs at the farm. Reg. #420245003 (Stress Negative)$150/dose

JJRGO Rip 32-6 (Grenade (Bomb Squad) X First Class)

Bred by Jacob Gossett, IN. Rip won the oldest class of boars at the Fall Classic, ’20. We were not looking for a Duroc boar, but could not pass this one up. He is super athletic, big boned with a tremendous profile. He has that elite look with a great top. We are using him heavy, and he’s already sired several champions. Reg. #414913006 $150/dose

SSP1 DROP KICK 83-3(Drop A Hint x BEYE Master Plan)

The power boar at the ’21 Fall Classic in Duncan. Bred by Eggers, Iowa. He is big footed, stout and incredible in his skeleton. We are using him heavy and look for great things from him. Reg. #421794003 $200/dose