SHAMELESS 1-3 (Unashamed x On Target)

Champion Cross Boar, ’22 SWTC. Bought from Big Much Genetics. Unashamed (Bred by Brockman) – Cruel Intentions at Moyers x Dirty Secret) X On Target (bred by Travis Platt & Res. Champ weanling gilt ’19 Fall Classic, Duncan. Clearly the Champion Boar at Belton with unbelievable bone, an incredible look and a massive top. Owned w/4L Show Pigs & Boeck Show Pigs. Stress Negative $200/dose

QUICK STRIKE (Quick and Dirty x McLoving x Striking Matches)

Champion Cross Boar at 2021 SWTC. Bred by Mercer Show Pigs, IN. He was absolutely one of the best designed and attractive profiling boars at Belton. He is huge ribbed, tall at the shoulder and long and clean necked. He is super functional in his skeleton and handles his extra muscle expression extremely well. Littermate to Champion Cross Boar at the SE Conference. Stress Negative$150/dose

VANILLA ICE 22-5 (Iceman x Journey’s End (Untouchable))

Vanilla Ice is the result of an Iceman (Ghost x Dirty Secret) and a pure York mating. From little on, he had that special look and just kept getting better. He is pictured as a mature boar but still has excellent structure and design. He is big footed, clean fronted and super athletic. We have been using him heavy and are really excited about his pigs. Stress Negative $150/dose

WHATACATCH 20-10 (Whataberk x Amen)

Bred by Real Livestock. Out of the toughest class at Duncan. He was 4th behind the Champion and Res Champion Crosses. His impressive range of motion, stoutness of skull and show ring look is compounded by his impressive pedigree and purebred influence. He is pictured as a mature boar. His striking look and high quality build that’s backed by a power boar framework and rib is just what the Berkshire barrow scene has been searching for. Stress Negative $150/dose

POWERBALL 9-9 (Building Speed x Black Cat x Reroute)

Bred by Cody Neill and owned with Neill and B&C Show Pigs. He has that elite design and look, excellent structure and bone and is bred to generate. His littermates were Reserve Hamp, Champion Cross and Reserve Grand in LaVernia. His pigs are awesome and easy to sell and are having great success. Stress Negative $150/dose