STORMIN’ NORMAN 8-1 (Oklahoma Chrome X Changer)

Mund cross [1752891]resizedWe felt that Stormin’ Norman was the most problem-free, best hipped crossbred boar at the SW Conference at Belton, 2016. He’s exciting to look and use. He has extra rib-shape, is big-topped and heavy boned. Everyone that has used him is pumped up about his pigs. $125/dose

HILLBILLY WILLIE 264-2 (Jethro (Hillbilly Bone X Boost)

Bred by Chuck and Ben Olsen, SD, this class winning boar was our top pick at Belton 2015. Massive, wide, sound-structured with tremendous muscle. This stout structured, big footed boar is athletic in his movement with excellent feet and leg structure. He works well on both pure and cross sows. Stress Negative. Owned with Holt, Doege and Fey. $100/dose

PAPI GRANDE 156-2 (Big Papi x Recovery)

Champion Crossbred Boar, 2011 NSR Fall Classic. Bred by Brinning, IA. He is sound-footed and has a big rib, big top and big bone. He has gotten better with age and has many several champions an class-winning barrows. Papi Grande sired the Grand Champion Gilt at the 2014 Texas STARS Gilt Show in San Angelo, Texas. This boar has gotten better with age. He is still very popular with our semen customers. Stress negative. Owned with Kelso, Holt, Doege, L&H Showpigs, and Fey. $100/dose