BTCO Game Over 62-1 (Game On x Under the Radar)

Popular boar at 2021 SWTC. Bred by Brice Conover and shown by Gibson Girls, OH. Full brother to Brice Conover’s herd boar Game On. Absolutely the heaviest boned, stoutest constructed Berk boar at Belton. Great look and excellent structure. We expect him to take us to the next level. Reg.#165461001.  $150/dose

CER Juice Man 13-7 (Juice x Buckshot)

His sire Juice was the Champion Boar at 2019 NBS and his mother is our best Buckshot sow. He was the Reserve Champion Boar at the Fall Classic in 2020 and is owned with Curtis Huoy. No doubt, he is one of the best footed, stoutest constructed Berk boars we have ever raised. He is extremely sound and agile, big ribbed and big backed. He is already seeing heavy use in our herd. Reg. #163357007   $150/dose

CSV5 SHOTGUN 58-2 (Shotgun Rider x Superman)

Outstanding pedigree in an outstanding package. Easily our pick of Berk boars at Duncan ’15. Youngest boar at show, but biggest-footed, stoutest-boned and best designed. Thanks to Cornerstone Ventures for breeding a great one! Owned with Schaefer. His dam was Res. Champ. Berk at STARS show-San Angelo ’14. Littermate to popular Super Fly boar. Sired Res. Champ. Gilt-Fort Worth ’17, Champ Dark OPB-Williamson Co. ’17. Reg. #133365002   $150/dose

KSFA8 Juice 32-10

Bred by Smith and Shaffner, Illinois. He was the Champion Berk Boar at the 2018 National Barrow Show. An outstanding young sire that is as good in his skeleton and structure as you can get. He has excellent muscle and rib shape to go with a great look. His pigs are extremely functional and great designed. Sired Res. Grand Champion Market Hog at Williamson ‘2019. Registration #151655010   $150/dose

CRE7 BUCKSHOT 10-5 (Shotgun X Super Stud X Willis)

This guy was special from little on and just kept getting better and better. His grandmother was our best Willis show and has produced many great daughters for us. Owned with Scott Sullivan. We have had as many positive comments from our customer that have used him than on any other Berk boar we’ve ever had. His babies are awesome and easy to sell and continue to get better as they grow. The list of champions out of him just keeps growing! REG#145928005   $150/dose

NIGHT HAWK 30-2 (Hawkeye x Crusade)

Easily our pick at the Southwest Conference in Belton 2019. His super athletic look with added muscle and bone has been a great addition in our herd. His pigs are exceptional and easy to sell and have done extremely well in the show ring. Bred by Wipple Family Berks. Sired the Res. Champ. Berk gilt at 2020 SW Conference-Bred by Kyle Real. REG#154302002  $150/dose