We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our sires for use in your breeding program. Our program is based on sound, functional hogs that can stand up in all conditions. We are unique in that we farrow over 100 purebred sows continuously and offer purebred boars, gilts and showpigs year-round. Additionally, we have about 20 to 30 elite crossbred sows to enhance our show pig offering. All of the sires on this website are used in our herd—not just for semen sales. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate sire performance and allows us the ability to advise how best to use these sires.

We have been raising purebred hogs for 56 years. Purebred hogs are our passion and for more than 42 years, has been our full-time occupation. The hog business has been good to us and has allowed us to make a living while watching our children, and now our grandchildren, grow and develop in a positive environment. We thank you for taking the time to evaluate our program and this great set of boars. We look forward to your call.